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tokidoki® Cosmic Desert

Get ready to be beamed up into the fantastical world of the newest tokidoki × JuJuBe limited-edition print. It’s an extraterrestrial vacation spot where the tokidoki crowd is having a blast. Don’t blink, or you might miss the adorable Donutella and her Sweet Friends, SANDy with her prickly Cactus Friends, Mozzarella and her mischievous Moofia buddies, plus a sprinkle of Unicornos and Mermicornos, and even more delightful intergalactic oddities! There are neon lights, giant cocktails, and games of chance for those feeling lucky, along with mystical healers, phantom sprites, and other cute cosmic travelers. Best of all, each bag features a special SANDy character puller. Get ready for an intergalactic adventure like no other with tokidoki × JuJuBe’s Cosmic Desert! 

tokidoki® Spooktacular Kawaii

It’s cute…It’s spooky…It’s spectacular…It’s a kawaii spooktacular! Get into the spooky season any time of the year with the tokidoki x JuJuBe Spooktacular Kawaii collection! Choose one or all ten styles in this line featuring a Halloween-themed print replete with black cats, candy, witches, jack-o-lanterns, and dancing zombies and skeletons. Frightfully sweet, eerily cuddly, and awfully adorable, these creepy-cute kawaii characters have bright accents of green, orange, and purple to bring out the fall fun. On a background that’s black as night, Donutella flies around in her witch’s hat with bats and ghosts, while trick-or-treating Mermicornos and Cactus Friends join in the All Hallows’ Eve celebrations.

tokidoki® Little Terrors

Join the Little Terrors in raising a ruckus in the schoolyard with this print from tokidoki x JuJuBe! On a background of lined notebookpaper with colorful doodles and ink splotches, boisterous tokidoki characters gather for some good-natured—and quiterowdy—playtime fun! With sweet snacks, toys, slides, dress-up fun, and plenty of imagination, Donutella, Cactus Friends, Moofia, andmore tokidoki friends frolic together. A sky-blue patterned lining complements the vibrant exterior pattern that is Little Terrors!

tokidoki® Kawaii in the Sky

Celebrate the zodiac with Kawaii in the Sky by tokidoki x JuJuBe! Available in various styles, each bag stars the 12 signs of the Western zodiac with Unicornos and Mermicornos by tokidoki. Each bag’s pattern features colorful kawaii characters floating over a dark blue night-sky background full of twinkling constellations, and the inside lining is azure with a super-cute zodiac pattern.