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YES! Caring for your JuJuBe bag and accessories will prolong their long and healthy life and help keep them looking great. Our cloth bags and accessories are machine washable for easy maintenance. Here are the settings suggested for best results:

If you are unsure whether or not your bag is machine washable, visit the product page for your item, where we list detail for care and maintenance, or contact us for assistance!

To keep your vegan leather bag tidy and clean, we recommend wiping down the exterior to clean off any stains or spills. Unlike real leather, our vegan leather does not need to be treated. Features like agion-lined interiors, Teflon-lined exteriors, luggage feet, and more are designed to keep your vegan leather JuJuBe bag as clean as possible with minimal upkeep!

Can’t wait for our next design to hit the shelves? Us either! You can expect new and fun things from JuJuBe every season…phew! Be sure to visit our New Releases page to get a look at our latest patterns and designs this season.

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Have you lost the sparkle on your rhinestone embellished JuJuBe bag, and now your bag just isn’t the same without it? No problem. Send us an email letting us know exactly what part of which bag you lost stones to (as there are many different rhinestone sizes.) A picture is always helpful!

For US customers, please email your request to: [email protected]

For Canadian customers, please email your request to: [email protected]

1) Place a tiny bit of superglue on the end of a toothpick (preferably away from your bag in case of accidental superglue explosion).

2) Dab the end of the toothpick onto the indent where the rhinestone is missing.

3) Press the rhinestone in and wait for it to dry. You’ll be sparkling again in no time!