Wet Bags

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Sometimes being a parent can get a little messy, so why not be prepared with a handy wet bag from JuJuBe? Our diaper wet bag styles will help protect your favorite backpacks, totes, and bags from messes and dampness from sweaty clothes, cloth diapers, and other soiled items. Shop wet bags and other intelligent accessories for parents at JuJuBe today!

Secure and Easy to Use Wet Bags

We’ve considered every detail of the Be Dry wet bag in order to offer top-level wetness protection so the insides of your bags stay fresh and dry. The Agion-lined interiors keep mold, mildew, and bacteria at bay… especially important when you’re transporting wet or dirty items! Sealed seams prevent leakage while Teflon-treated exteriors repel spills and stains. Perfect for kids’ dirty clothes, bathing suits or diapers, or for your own use after a productive trip to the gym!

Lightweight, High Quality

While the JuJuBe wet bag offers unparalleled protection, it only weighs a mere quarter of a pound, so you won’t even notice the extra weight in your diaper bag! From water-resistant zippers to the durable metal hardware, you’ll notice quality in every inch of this bag… and our diaper wet bag is machine washable for totally easy maintenance!

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